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Minority and Veteran Owned

BisBlox is a minority and veteran owned business.  We are dedicated to a defined Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values.  Our organization is governed by these overarching principles.  Our team has international experience with a massive range of organizations from sole entrepreneurs to multi-billion dollar enterprises.  Our principles help us to approach any and every organization with open minds and broad knowledge to help your company to excel.  


BisBlox Guiding Pyramid

This guiding pyramid provides insight to the principles, values, purpose, mission, vision, and goals of our organization.  


Our 6 word purpose:

Disrupt Boring

Transform Mediocre

Strengthen Growth

These words focus on our commitment to our customers.  We move organizations to a view of bigger opportunities for themselves and the customers they serve.  


Mission is a "How" statement.  Bisblox delivers on the how by always striving to do the: 

Right things

Right ways

Right times

We want you to succeed.  Our abilities to deliver come directly from our mission.  


Our Vision statement is in the form of a question, because we don't believe in a finite vision.  Our vision reflects the infinite approach to continuous improvement and journey with the question "How might we help others succeed"? 


Our Bluesky goals are huge.  That is the point.  These goals are part of our Objective and Key Results model that push outcomes and make sure that work stays focused.  

Help 10,000 organizations double their revenue

Ensure 100% of orgs engaged survive 5 years

Help 100 orgs gain a market cap of $1 billion 

We work toward these goals over years.  We will keep them in front of our teams to ensure that every team member knows we are working to help you succeed. 


Growth Mindset - fixed mindsets do not improve business. Growth mindsets provide for new thought and growth. Growth Mindsets are curious and powerful change agents.  Our team members are required to empower a growth mindset. 

Listening - Bisblox team members strive to listen more.  Active listening creates a vastly better understanding of your organization and your challenges.  We work hard to listen for the purpose of understanding, and thus creating better outcomes. 

Healthy Risk - Organizations evolve and grow based on risk.  Those that are unwilling to risk, stagnate.  Bisblox encourages healthy risk to help your teams get out of their comfort zone, but in a controlled, change managed, methodology.  This model encourages growth without taking risks that put your teams in danger.  

Improve our Communities -  We work to improve our world one community at a time. Bisblox is committed to improving the conditions of our poorest communities.  

Make a difference - Our teams make a difference.  We improve lives, empower communities, and strengthen business.  These efforts help to make a difference in individual lives.  

Assume Positive Intent - We assume people are good.  We are assume people want to succeed.  We assume that everyone we work with wants to do good things.  We start from that assumption and our team members build trust and relationships through this process.  

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