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Start the Business

Most folks believe they have "started their business" once they submit for paperwork for a business license and have their tax id in hand.  While those are milestones, the reality is "starting the business" is a much more involved process. 

Successful people that start successful businesses know that they need much more than just the paperwork.  At BisBlox, we work you through the Business Blox of building out your organization so you can meet the goals you want to achieve.  

We start with Foundations

Foundations do include some of those paperwork items, but foundations also include defining your business strategies, your guiding principles, growing a real business plan, and defining what success looks like.  

We build your Leadership

Leaders make all the difference.  Leaders knowledge and capabilities mean much more to an organization's initial success than any other factor.  Using our Leadership-x4 model to build Servant Leadership skills will substantially increase the results of your Philosophy, Toolkit, Operating Model, and Legacy.  Being a better leader will build a better company. 



Some products require capital funding to develop, some don't.  Either way, you need to understand the operational and capital costs of developing your product.  BisBlox works you through the initial conversations and options to determine what you truly need.  Additionally we help you take advantage of multiple programs available at the state or federal level to help a business grow.  For organizations that are ready, we can help you plan for Series A, A+ or other funding sources with venture capital.  


The passion of an entrepreneur leads to a product.  Those products often need to mature to be ready for the real world marketplace.   BisBlox helps you to design your products, determine the value proposition, think through branding, service support, supply chain, and all of the different aspects necessary to be successful.   

Revenue & Staffing

Most entrepreneurs run into a wall when they start figuring out what their revenues and staffing models should look like.  BisBlox can help you work through multiple approaches to understand your costs, profit margins, staff needs, and an encompassing model to deliver value. 

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